Conserved lncRNA

We used three methods to find the counterpart of zebrafish lncRNA in human or mouse; that are direct blastn, collinearity with conserved coding gene, and overlap with multi-species ultraconserved non-coding elements. Finally, we obtained 676 zebrafish lncRNA genes that have the counterparts in human or mouse. Their phastCons scores are above the average of all zebrafish lncRNAs.

Zebrafish lncRNA gene Zebrafish lncRNA Transcript Human lncRNA Transcript Mouse lncRNA Transcript
ZFLNCT06376 ZFLNCG04159 NONMMUT058165;
ZFLNCT18290 ZFLNCG11789 NONHSAT053328; NONMMUT098680;
ZFLNCT20479 ZFLNCG13191 ENST00000315707; NR_026951; NONHSAT145510; NONMMUT085385;
ZFLNCT09947 ZFLNCG06483 ENST00000419794;
ZFLNCT17439 ZFLNCG11266 XR_001747325;
ZFLNCT16024 ZFLNCG10344 ENST00000509326; NONHSAT099109;
ZFLNCT09425 ZFLNCG06108 ENST00000587610; NONHSAT192632;
ZFLNCT14734 ZFLNCG09554 NR_027063; NONHSAT073175;
ZFLNCT06166 ZFLNCG04033 NONMMUT048288;
ZFLNCT11596 ZFLNCG07579 NONMMUT131887;
ZFLNCT20885 ZFLNCG13442 NONHSAT139084;
ZFLNCT05089 ZFLNCG03315 NONHSAT169075;
ZFLNCT12820 ZFLNCG08334 ENST00000464884;
ZFLNCT18328 ZFLNCG11818 NONHSAT151359; NONMMUT080124;
ZFLNCT07855 ZFLNCG05074 NONHSAT179463; NONMMUT118921;
ZFLNCT01503 ZFLNCG01036 NONHSAT151628;
ZFLNCT19489 ZFLNCG12625 NONHSAT214133;
ZFLNCT19610 ZFLNCG12705 ENSMUST00000119445;
ZFLNCT19907 ZFLNCG12851 NONMMUT093668;
ZFLNCT15461 ZFLNCG10037 ENSMUST00000159536;
ZFLNCT08063 ZFLNCG05211 ENST00000406314; NONHSAT114000; ENSMUST00000119463; NONMMUT013365;
ZFLNCT11421 ZFLNCG07457 XR_001744464;
ZFLNCT13464 ZFLNCG08727 XR_244242;
ZFLNCT05236 ZFLNCG03419 NONHSAT130919; ENSMUST00000120233;
ZFLNCT20245 ZFLNCG13042 NONHSAT126961;